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1A. Grilled Fish of the Day
Chips, salad, lemon wedges served with your choice of either tasty, creamy, lemon butter, home made garlic aioli sauce or sweet Harissa sauce$17.00
1B. Crispy Skin Atlantic Salmon Fillet
Served with chips, fresh garden salad and home made garlic aioli sauce$18.00
2. Whole Grilled Chicken Breast
Lightly rubbed with lemon pepper, served with chips, salad and grainy mustard sauce, mushroom sauce, Harissa sauce or green peppercorn sauce$17.00
3. Grain Fed Porterhouse Steak (350g)
Served with grilled prawns, diced tomatoes, chips, mixed garden salad and Bearnaise sauce$26.00
4. Grain Fed Sirloin Steak (350g)
Served with chips, fresh garden salad and your choice of Diane sauce, mushroom sauce, plain gravy or green peppercorn sauce$24.50
5. Aged Angus Rump Steak (350g)
Served with chips, fresh garden salad and your choice of Diane sauce, mushroom sauce, plain gravy or green peppercorn sauce$24.50
6. Fish'n'Grill Style Chicken Breast Schnitzel
Chicken breast with Japanese breadcrumbs, chips, salad, garlic and lemon aioli or plain gravy$17.00
7. Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken breast with Japanese bread crumbs, Neapolitan sauce, cheese, pesto. Served with chips and salad$22.00
$23.00 with bacon
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8. Coral Trout Fillet (battered crumbed or grilled)
Prawns (2), Calamari Rings (2), Pineapple Fritter served with garden salad, chips and home made garlic aioli sauce$18.00
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9. Boat Harbour Burger
Homemade beef patties, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, sliced cheese, barbecue sauce $11.50
$13.50 with chips
10. Fish Burger
Fish of the Day (grilled, crumbed or battered), lettuce, tomatoes, slice of cheese and tartare sauce$11.00
$13.00 with chips
11. Chicken Burger - Grilled, Crumbed or Tempura (Battered)
Fresh chicken breast fillet dusted with seasoned flour, served with homemade aioli, shredded lettuce, tomato and sliced cheese$11.00
$13.00 with chips
12. Steak Burger
(120g sirloin steak) Grilled onions, shredded lettuce, tomato, slice of cheese, beetroot, drizzled with seeded mustard mayonnaise$13.00
$14.00 with chips
13. Vegie Burger
Spinach leaves, homemade chick pea flour and lentil patties, lettuce, topped with grilled zucchini and eggplant and drizzled with yoghurt dressing $10.00
$11.00 with chips
14. Egg & Bacon Burger
Grilled bacon and egg with your choice of sauce, barbecue, tomato or sweet chilli$9.00
$10.00 with chips
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15. Battered Fish & Chips $8.50
16. Mixed Reef Fillets (2)
Lemon wedge (2), small tartare sauce, medium chips and small salad$17.50
17. Mixed Reef Fillets (4)
Lemon wedge, large tartare sauce, large chips, 5 calamari rings and large garden salad$40.00
$46.00 add another piece
18. Mini Seafood Basket
Freshly battered fish tenders (2), crumbed calamari (2), prawns (1), battered seafood stick (1), pineapple fritter (1), chips and tartare sauce$13.50
19. Coral Trout Fillet (seasonal availability)
(Crumbed, battered or grilled)$9.00
$12.00 with chips
20. Snapper Fillet
(Crumbed, battered or grilled)$9.00
$12.00 with chips
21. Crumbed Whiting Fillets (3)
Small tartare sauce and chips$9.50
22. Crumbed Whiting Fillet $2.00
23. Calamari Rings (5)
Freshly crumbed$5.00
$9.00 with chips
24. Crumbed Prawn Cutlets (4)
Small tartare and chips$10.00
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Available in Mildchili   Medium Hotchilichili   or Extra Hotchilichilichili
25. Coconut Chicken (GF)
Chicken breast strips sautéed with seasoned vegetables and deglazed with tasty Fijian coconut curry sauce. Served with steamed rice$14.00
26. Grilled Coral Trout Fillet (GF)
With wilted spinach, cabbage, served on a bed of rice, with lemon wedge and tasty coconut creamy Lolo sauce$15.00
27. Fijian-style Jungle Curry Chicken (mild)
Our own Fijian spice mix, served with yellow rice and Fijian Roti Bread$16.50
28. Mosman Beef Curry (mild)
Diced tender beef cooked with peanuts, garlic, onions, ginger, potatoes, carrots, cumin, coriander and turmeric powder. Served with steamed rice$17.00
29. Polynesian Curry (GF)
Combination of fresh vegetables deglazed with garlic, lime leaves, tomatoes and tasty Fijian style curry sauce. Served with steamed rice$14.00 with chicken
$17.50 with prawns
30. Lamb Curry (mild) (GF)
Diced lamb marinated overnight in garlic, ginger, sweet tamarin juice and South Indian masala paste. Slow cooked in tomato puree, carrots and potatoes. Served with spinach and steamed rice$17.00
31.Fijian Fish Curry (mild) (GF)
Diced snapper fillets marinated in coconut milk and lime juice sautéed with garlic, ginger and Fijian masala paste infused with coconut cream, lime juice and baby spinach. Served with steamed rice$17.00
32. Butter Chicken
Chicken breast cubes & cashew nuts, cooked with freshly homemade butter chicken sauce, served with fresh made naan, rice, fresh cream and raita (yoghurt)$17.00
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Available in Mildchili   Medium Hotchilichili   or Extra Hotchilichilichili
33. Thai Beef, Chicken or Fish (mild)
Marinated with garlic, ginger, lemon grass, tossed with fresh mint, lime juice, fresh vegetables and our secret Thai sauce. Served with steamed rice$14.50 chicken
$15.00 beef
$15.50 fish
34. Beef or Chicken Chop Suey (Fijian Style)
Beef or chicken sautéed with garlic, ginger, sweet soy, oyster sauce and local vegetables. Served with steamed rice$14.50
35. King Prawns - Chicken Tenderloins
Chef’s choice - selection of king prawns, chicken tenderloins, marinated in ginger, caramelised in light lime and lemon juice. Served with seasoned vegetables and steamed rice$16.50
36. 3 Meats Combination
Beef, chicken, king prawns, local fresh vegetables, caramelised in garlic, ginger and our chef’s secret flavoursome sweet onion sauce. Served with steamed rice$17.00
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37. Baby Spinach and Mushroom Pasta
(Linguine or penne) Diced tomatoes, garlic, herbs and dressed lightly with Neapolitan sauce.$10.00
38. Creamy Boscaiola Pasta
(Linguine or penne) Garlic, mushroom, onions, herbs and cream$9.50
39. Polynesian Curry (GF)
Combination of fresh vegetables deglazed with garlic, lime leaves, tomatoes and tasty Fijian style curry sauce. Served with steamed rice$10.00
40. Fijian Style or Thai Style Vegetarian Chop Suey
Seasonal local fresh vegetables, ginger, garlic, sweet soy, oyster sauce or our secret Thai sauce. Served with steamed rice$10.00
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Gluten free pasta $2 extra
41. Fruits of the Sea Pasta
Prawns, mussels, fish, calamari, port wine, pesto, garlic and rich Neapolitan sauce$16.00
42. Delicious Pan Fried Snapper Fillet
Dusted with seasoned flour, garlic butter and chips$14.00
43. Freshly Made Chicken‘n’Basil Pesto Pasta
Sautéed diced chicken breast fillets cooked in garlic, pesto and bechamel sauce$14.00
44. Creamy Boscailoa
Garlic, bacon, cream, mushroom, onion and fresh herbs$11.50
$14.50 with chicken
45. Baby Spinach Mushrooms ‘n’ Chicken Pasta
Diced breast fillets sautéed in garlic, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, baby spinach and deglazed with light Neapolitan sauce$14.50
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46. Tempura Chicken Nuggets (4) ‘n’ Chips $6.00
47. Fish Fingers (4) ‘n’ Chips $6.00
48. Fresh Chicken Tenders ‘n’ Chips $6.00
49. Cheese Burger ‘n’ Chips $8.50
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50. Hot ChipsSm. $3.00
Med. $4.50
Lge $6.00
51. Plain GravySm. $1.50
Lge $2.50
52. Vegetarian Fritters (minimum of 3)
Spinach, chick pea flour, garlic, turmeric powder, cumin and coriander powder70c each
53. Yoghurt DressingSm. $1.00
Lge $2.00
54. Sweet Tamarin SauceSm. $1.00
Lge $2.00
55. Homemade Potato Scallops 70c each
56. Seasoned Potato Wedges
With sweet chilli and sour cream$8.50
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57. Fresh Garden Salad
Mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and salad onions with our flavoursome dressingSm. $4.00
Med $5.00
Lge $7.00
58. Thai Beef Salad
Tender beef strips marinated in lemon grass, ginger, garlic, fresh mint and Thai sauce.$15.00
59. Tandoori Chicken Salad
Chicken breast strips, tandoori paste, cream, seasoning and yoghurt dressing$15.00
60. Greek Salad
Kalamata olives, fetta cheese, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and our secret dressing$11.00
$14.50 with chicken
61. Thai Calamari Salad
Pineapple (cut), squid tubes, marinated in lemon grass, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and tossed with our secret Thai sauce$15.00
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62. Pineapple Fritters 70c each
63. Battered Seafood Stick $1.00 each
64. Fish Cocktail 60c each
65. Crumbed Prawn Cutlet $1.50 each
66. Crumbed Calamari Rings $1.00 each
67. Bacon $1.50 each
68. Eggs $1.00 each
69. Sliced Cheese 50c each
70. Rice $2.50 each
71. Roti Bread $3.00 each
72. Plain Naan Bread $4.00 each
73. Garlic Naan Bread $4.50 each
74. Cheese Naan Bread $5.00 each
75. Naan Bread with beef mince $6.00 each
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